EmblemHealth NYJTL Promote Childhood Health With School Based Nutrition Program

EmblemHealth NYJTL Promote Childhood Health With School Based Nutrition Program


Aces Clubs Will Teach 2,000 Students to Eat Better, Become More Active and Fight Obesity

NEW YORK, NY (June 10, 2013) — EmblemHealth, the largest New York-based health insurer, and New York Junior Tennis and Learning (NYJTL), the nation's largest tennis and education-themed community organization, will create "Healthy Living," a program to teach 2,000 children in 16 New York City schools better nutrition to lead healthier lives.

Healthy Living will expand the NYJTL Aces Clubs after-school program to include specific nutrition information and guides to help students become healthy young people and adults. The program meets for three hours each day during the school year. On holidays and throughout the summer, it is extended to 10 hours per day.

"With support from EmblemHealth, NYJTL will expand its nutrition program to help children make better, healthier choices," said Deborah Antoine, President and CEO of NYJTL. "Since 1980, the number of elementary school children facing obesity has tripled. By providing more information, more activity and better choices, we can turn these numbers around."

"Our goal is to help all people lead healthier lives. Working with NYJTL, this initiative furthers our commitment to combat childhood obesity and provide the tools children need to develop the healthy habits that make healthy adults," said William Gillespie, MD, Chief Medical Officer of EmblemHealth. "Nutritious food, exercise and good decisions are the building blocks to a better life."

The expanded Aces Clubs curriculum will be held in schools in northern Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

  • In Manhattan and The Bronx, participating schools are I.S. 187, P.S. 100, and P.S. 146.
  • In Queens, the six participating schools are P.S. 37, P.S. 42, I.S. 61, P.S. 127, M.S. 147, and P.S. 706.
  • In Brooklyn, the seven participating schools are P.S. 009, P.S. 191, P.S. 215, P.S. 250, P.S. 289, I.S. 228, and I.S. 364.

NYJTL is hiring a nutrition and wellness specialist for the program to help develop lesson plans and activities for children, parents and teachers, as well as worksheets. The concentration will be on the food groups and healthy eating, regular physical activity and understanding the benefits of healthy decision making.

Each child will receive a "Bodega Buddy" clip card to guide them to healthy foods for after school snacks. Parents will receive a grocery guide wallet card to guide them to healthier food options aligned with the Aces Clubs lessons. Healthy recipes also will be given to families in a booklet published by NYJTL and EmblemHealth.

About New York Junior Tennis & Learning
New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL) is the largest tennis and education-themed community organization in the United States and offers comprehensive school and community based programs throughout New York City's five boroughs reaching more than 75,000 youth from ages 5-18. For 40 years, New York Junior Tennis & Learning has pursued this mission by bringing the joys of tennis and education to underserved children. Together, we are changing the lives of inner-city children through the sport of tennis, providing them with the necessary tools to excel on and off the tennis court.

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