Provider Portal Updates

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Provider Portal Updates


We are committed to making it easier and more intuitive to work with our health plan by continually investing in improvements to our technology, especially our provider portals. Here are the newest portal updates we hope you will find helpful:

You now have a “Back Button” in the Claims, Referral, Preauthorization, and Eligibility details pages that returns you to the search results screen so you do not need to restart the transaction if you need to confirm or change something on the previous screen.

In the Provider Profile, we have added indicators for when a provider falls under a delegated credentialing arrangement and cannot submit demographic updates through our portals. When “Delegated” appears on a row in the Locations Table, you need to report your changes to your delegated group’s administrator who will share those changes with us through an established special process. Please take advantage of the provider portal’s ability to upload documents in support of your preauthorization requests, concurrent reviews, and discharge plans.



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