Diabetes Education Week: Diabetes FAQ’s

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Diabetes Education Week: Diabetes FAQ’s

EmblemHealth’s Neighborhood Care locations don’t just offer free exercise classes, we also provide members with educational health classes and workshops.


Our locations offer health classes and workshops like our Diabetes Management Program, a 4-week course that provides individuals with the tools they need to manage their diabetes and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.

One of our registered dietitians, Jennifer Calo (MS, RDN, CDN, CDE), says it’s normal to have lots of questions after a diabetes diagnosis. Read on for answers to some of the ones she hears the most.


Q: Do I have to test my blood sugar daily?

A: Yes, daily monitoring is recommended to monitor fasting blood glucose, and those on insulin may also need to monitor after meals and before bed for safety. Daily monitoring also helps diabetics become more involved with their diabetes management and teaches them how to play an active role in understanding patterns/how food/activity affects their BG levels


Q: Do I need to eliminate all carbohydrates or follow a ketogenic diet?

A: The Keto Diet is not recommended for patients with diabetes, because it eliminates many foods that provide carbs you need for fiber, energy, and B vitamins. This type of diet also tends to be high in saturated fat, which may actually cause insulin resistance.


Q: Does eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

A: No, this is a myth! Consuming too much sugar doesn’t directly cause diabetes, but it can lead to weight gain, and people who are obese are at a higher risk for Type 2 diabetes.


Q: How can I prevent complications such as eye, kidney or nerve damage?

A: It’s important to have the following exams annually: ophthalmology/dilated retinal eye, podiatric, and nephropathy screening, as well as a dental exam twice a year. For day-to-day prevention, try to keep   A1C levels under 7 percent, blood pressure under 140/90, and LDL or “bad cholesterol” under 100 mg/dL.


Q: What are reputable websites I can find more information?

A: American Diabetes Association, Eatright.org, and AADE (Association of Certified Diabetes Educators) all offer resources and information you need to manage diabetes and stay healthy.


Visit us online to learn more about our classes and find a Neighborhood Care location near you!


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