Make the Most of Your Annual Checkup

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Make the Most of Your Annual Checkup

Regular check-ups are a chance for your doctor to review your current health status and for you to talk to your doctor about any questions or goals you may have.


Whether you’re looking to improve your nutrition, exercise more, or quit smoking, your doctor can help you develop a customized plan based on your checkup results. Moreover, an annual checkup is a chance for your doctor to detect any health issues early so you can get the treatment you need sooner.

What should you expect at an annual checkup?

Your doctor may suggest vaccinations, tests and screenings based on your age, gender and health history. Be sure to ask your doctor which services are right for you.


For Adults:

  • Measurement of body fat based on height and weight
  • Blood pressure tests
  • Cholesterol tests
  • Screening for mental health, skin cancer, and other conditions
  • Counseling for tobacco use or smoking cessation
  • Tests to check the effectiveness of certain medications you take
  • Prescription of medications needed
  • Provide recommended vaccinations
  • If you have diabetes, your doctor may recommend an eye exam, HbA1c or a kidney test


For Children:

  • Measurement of height and weight to check proper growth
  • Provide recommended vaccinations
  • Counseling for weight, nutrition or physical activity
  • Screening for mental health
  • Prescribe medication
  • Recommend an annual dental exam


Where can you find a primary care doctor?

If you’re an EmblemHealth member, you can find a primary care doctor here. You can also check out our partner, AdvantageCare Physicians, a leading medical group with 36 locations in the New York metro area.


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