We Mean Health: Back-to-School Tips

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We Mean Health: Back-to-School Tips

4 Tips to Get your Family Ready for Back to School from EmblemHealth


Ready for back to school? Getting ready for the new school year goes beyond school supplies and new outfits—it requires immunizations, a school sleep routine, and regular check-ups for your children’s mental and physical health. Shifting back into the school year flow after summer vacation can be a bit hectic, so, we want to make sure your family has the tools you need to feel ready. At EmblemHealth, when we say, “We Mean Health”, we mean coverage that goes beyond for you.  Follow these four tips to help you and the family get ready for the new school year.  

Put Together a Health Checklist 

Create a checklist to help you figure out if your child is up to date with their immunizations, they’re getting enough rest, and if they are mentally prepared for the school year. You’ll want to get them back on a sleep schedule, organize their medical records, and schedule physical and vision exams. Use this back to school health checklist for a place to start. Also, don’t forget health school supplies like hand sanitizer, tissues and a mask for your children to have in their backpacks.  

Be In the Know 

The COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the only immunization parents need be mindful of. Back-to-school season also brings in flu season and there are other childhood immunizations and boosters that need to be considered before your child goes back to school. Talk to your child’s doctor to make sure they are up to date on their immunizations. For more information on the COVID-19 and the vaccine, visit our COVID-19 hub.  

Start the Conversation About Mental Health 

Children can feel just as much anxiety as adults. It’s important to encourage them to share their feelings with you. Let them know it’s okay to feel scared or anxious and that you are here to support them. Their mental health matters and we’re here to help.  

Find Time for Some Zen 

There’s a lot of moving parts when getting your family ready for back to school, but you got this, and we’re here to help! At EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care, we provide health and wellness classes, yoga and meditation included, for the entire community. Check out our upcoming events here and if you can’t make a class, you can watch many of our virtual classes whenever works best for you.   

Learn more about our coverage that goes beyond for you at emblemhealth.com/wemeanhealth.  


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