Eat for Life!

Living a healthy and balanced life is all about making SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) choices for your life.


However, in today’s growing fast-food culture, one has to ask: can I truly live a richer life based on smart food choices only?


In 2015, more than two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children and teens in the U.S. were obese according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To address health disparities in underserved communities, it is vital that the health care industry creates sensible solutions to healthy living.


EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care’s commitment to helping its members solve health challenges and improve outcomes is a shared vision with our program. The Eat for Life! program focuses on the “good news” of healthy living and nutrition. We do this by offering interactive nutrition education, healthy living practices, as well as practical and cultural approaches to healthful cooking methods. I am constantly in awe of how sharing recipes and encouragement helps people to reflect on their behavior and life choices. I believe what makes us special is our ability to expand the healthy living narrative through inspirational and aspirational goals.


Throughout the project we are able to share the value of what’s possible through healthy living – not simply teaching the dos and don’ts of foods.


Collaborating with Neighborhood Care has allowed Eat for Life! to become an extension of their wellness offerings. In my view, sharing in member classes offers a dynamic 360-degree approach to healthy living. We look forward to expanding this program to create healthful tools that will bridge the gap in nutrition and enhance this wonderful experience we call life!

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About Chef Kenny and Eat for Life!

Chef Kenny Minor is a Private Chef, TV Personality and Author; he launched the “Eat for Life” project in 2010. This innovative project is dedicated to supporting the challenges surrounding the alarming obesity rates in underserved communities, New York City and surrounding boroughs. It aims to educate and work hands-on with individuals looking to transition to a healthier way of eating and living through diet and nutrition, while building collaborative partnerships with community organizations that meet the unique health and wellness needs of the individuals and families here in the U.S.



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