3 Tips To Practice Family Mindfulness at Home

3 Tips To Practice Family Mindfulness at Home

How busy, working parents can practice mindfulness with kids.


As many of us transition to a remote working environment, we are finding greater freedom and flexibility. Despite this, transitions are not always the easiest especially in the beginnings. Below are three strategies for working parents and families to better balance work, school and life:

    1. Establish Strong Boundaries 
As a family that has transitioned both school and work to home for the time being, balancing work-life balance can seem like a new feat. With multi-tasking and ever-present technological distractions, it's important to maintain strong boundaries to ensure mindfulness. Create a fixed set of hours during the day for working time and ensure you stick to the boundaries. Communicating this routine to your family will allow you and your family to effectively ease into a transition to starting and ending each workday smoothly. 

    2. Dedicate Tech-Free Time

As we strengthen our relationship with technology, it is important that we all also take frequent breaks from our devices to also be present and in the moment. Having uninterrupted attention for yourself and your loved ones can be profoundly nourishing. A daily detox can give you a chance to spend time with your dog, paint or eat dinner as a family. Having these breaks will improve focus, efficiency at work and deepen personal connections.

    3. Take Frequent Breaks

Often, we tend to keep busy and fill many portions of our day with activities to do. In order to ensure we feel well-rested and productive, it is important to take breaks to relax and do nothing. From walking away from your desk to sitting or standing, check in with yourself and take a breath. Whether this is mindful breathing, a stretch and a short walk, taking breaks can improve creativity and overall health. These brief moments will allow for you to have greater balance.

Practicing the above mindful tips will allow you to move towards balance as a family. By improving focus, productivity and creativity, working families can better engage in their lives.

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